Prime Minister Joe Natuman during a press conference at his office.

Prime Minister Joe Natuman during a press conference at the his office.

DURING A PRESS conference that was held in December of 2014 at the Office of the Prime Minister, the Prime Minister again emphasized on the decision that the parliament has taken to step out of the agreement that was initiated by the former government with the Singaporean company for the construction of the new proposed airport.

The Prime Minister stated that the agreement was over 90% of foreign interest, he said that he was surprised that even Vanuatu’s legal professionals did not notice this. Asked if whether the agreement would be beneficial for the country the Prime Minister replied,

“of course 1 or 2 MPs are going to benefit from it, but not the country.”:PM

On other matters, concerning the current political situation in the country, the Prime Minister said that he send a “complaint to the Police, when there were allegations that some fund were being distributed. So investigations are going ahead, this is an offence under the penal code, about bribery. And also around the Leadership Code Act, this is an offence.”

He submitted his complaint before the parliamentary sitting; however the police could not investigate the issue because the Speaker had already given the parliamentary notice. Therefore, as stated in the national constitution, when there is a parliamentary sitting all parliamentarians gain immunity. Since the end of the parliament sitting the police has began in their investigations.

The Prime Minister continued to say that “the Police are investigating this issue right now; it is true that they (suspended MPs) have returned to the Parliament, but if the police investigate these allegations and they establish that there has been some wrongs done then the court will have to look into it”.


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