He Came Back For Another Mama Law Book

DESPITE CUTTING DOWN on all operations, we still have a few visitors now and then like this fellow from the island of Santo.

His name is Frank Nisa from Kole, East Santo. The last time he was in Port Vila was over five years ago, and that was that he came to the Transparency International Vanuatu (TIV) office to get a copy of the Mama Law (National Constitution) book that TIV distributes freely through the communities that we visit.


Mr. Frank Nisa with his three books.

He returned back home with this Mama Law only to have a relative, who is a politician, want it. So Frank gave away his copy of the Mama Law book.

Five years later and he is now back in Port Vila on family matters, he pops into the TIV IMG_5619office and the first words he says are; “do you still have copies of the Mama Law?”.

Of course we still have some! So we asked to him to sit down and brought three different booklets about Corruption, Right & Duties, and the Mama Law.

We talked a little about the importance of each booklet  and how the Mama law guaranteed our transition from statelessness to becoming a Ni-Vanuatu citizen.

He left the office a very happy man.




Adaptive Leadership Workshop For Women

TRANSPARENCY INTERNATIONAL VANUATU and the Pacific Leadership Program facilitated an Adaptive Leadership Workshop for women representatives of organisations in Port Vila at the Vanuatu National Profident Fund (VNPF) Conference Centre.

Over 15 attended the one day workshop focused on adaptive leadership. “Leadership is not a position, it is an exercise” explained Mr. Wilson Toa, the facilitator, from Transparency International Vanuatu.

That was the beginning of a full day of discussions, comments, and questions. The workshop was originally a three day program but has been compressed into a single day, nevertheless the workshop clarified unspoken leadership categories to many of the workshop participants.

In every society, from a tiny preschool children’s group to a community leadership council there are systems that exist.

For example, a youth association made up of over twenty young people is technically a ‘system’. In operational regard, a system is a properly organised mechanism that work to support each other for an objective purpose. They are; for each, with each other, there for each other, and rely each other to survive.

“A system fails to function not because one of its mechanisms is absent, but because the whole system failed to adapt to the absence of its absent mechanism”.

“This is a great workshop,” expressed a Port Vila Municipality Councillor who was one the few female candidates who had secured a seat at the Port Vila Municipal Council under the reserved seats program.

The participants had to opportunity to learn and recognise the differences between technical and adaptive leadership styles; so if there is an adaptive problem, you do not need a technical solution, you need an adaptive solution.

Surrounded by individuals from different backgrounds and perspectives, how can a leader perform to the best interest of the whole group?

“All of us are facing these challenge, hopefully this workshop will help us to identify solutions” said a participant. That is true, the workshop aims to help the participant identify the individual, recognize the who is related to who, know and categorise the problem, develop an adaptive plan, implement the solution.

Several groupings have requested the Adaptive Leadership Workshop and preparation is underway to deliver this intensive leadership training to them.

WATCH: Dr. Andrina Thomas talks about the Adaptive Leadership Workshop.

WATCH: Doreen Talks About Her Adaptive Leadership Learning.

WATCH: RTI Law Community Awareness On Ambae Island – 2:50 Minutes.

TRANSPARENCY INTERNATIONAL VANUATU recently visited the island of Ambae to inform the people there about the National Right To Information Law which which became an official in Vanuatu on 6 February 2017.

In some of the places that we visited the people were part of the consultation process and gratefully acknowledged the opportunity to have been involved in policy making.

This short 2:50 Minutes film briefly summaries a few interviews and shots of the walkabout.

This activity is funded by the Pacific Leadership Program.

WATCH: Short Interviews n RTI Law Community Awareness On Ambae Island