TIV Completes 7 Adaptive Leadership Training’s For Efate & Offshore Island Chiefs

FOR THE LAST few months Transparency International Vanuatu (TIV) and the Pacific Leadership Program (PLP) had been working in partnership with the Executive of the Vaturisu Council of Chiefs to train chiefs around the island of Efate and its offshore islands on the Adaptive Leadership theory.

The Adaptive Leadership Training facilitators, Wilson Toa from TIV and Nelly Willy from PLP, collaborated with the Vaturisu Secretary General Chief Meameadola to organise the gathering of the chiefs throughout the area councils of chiefs on the island of Efate earlier this year.

Eventually, a one day training schedule was confirmed and the facilitating team began their preparation through to July before the training kick-started in early August.


Nguna & Pele Island Council of Chiefs at Adaptive Leadership Training

In his speech at Takara village Chief Meameadola mentioned that since its establishment in 1976 the Vaturisu Council of Chief had never participated in any leadership training that is as intense and applicable as the training on Adaptive Leadership.

“Some of our historical traditions cannot function properly nowadays due to the introduction of new ideas, knowledge, and actions. This training aims to assist us to adapt with this modern era” said Chief Meameadola the Secretary of the Efate Vaturisu Council of Chiefs.


Adaptive Leadership Training at Pangpang Village.

Overall, the Adaptive Leader training proves to be a needed tool for community leaders in order to perform effectively ‘outside the box’. The training was recommended by the chiefs to include as many chiefs as possible throughout Vanuatu.


Adaptive Leadership Training for Emau Island Council of Chiefs at Takara village.


WATCH:  Adaptive Leadership Workshop Interviews


Adaptive Leadership Workshop For Women

TRANSPARENCY INTERNATIONAL VANUATU and the Pacific Leadership Program facilitated an Adaptive Leadership Workshop for women representatives of organisations in Port Vila at the Vanuatu National Profident Fund (VNPF) Conference Centre.

Over 15 attended the one day workshop focused on adaptive leadership. “Leadership is not a position, it is an exercise” explained Mr. Wilson Toa, the facilitator, from Transparency International Vanuatu.

That was the beginning of a full day of discussions, comments, and questions. The workshop was originally a three day program but has been compressed into a single day, nevertheless the workshop clarified unspoken leadership categories to many of the workshop participants.

In every society, from a tiny preschool children’s group to a community leadership council there are systems that exist.

For example, a youth association made up of over twenty young people is technically a ‘system’. In operational regard, a system is a properly organised mechanism that work to support each other for an objective purpose. They are; for each, with each other, there for each other, and rely each other to survive.

“A system fails to function not because one of its mechanisms is absent, but because the whole system failed to adapt to the absence of its absent mechanism”.

“This is a great workshop,” expressed a Port Vila Municipality Councillor who was one the few female candidates who had secured a seat at the Port Vila Municipal Council under the reserved seats program.

The participants had to opportunity to learn and recognise the differences between technical and adaptive leadership styles; so if there is an adaptive problem, you do not need a technical solution, you need an adaptive solution.

Surrounded by individuals from different backgrounds and perspectives, how can a leader perform to the best interest of the whole group?

“All of us are facing these challenge, hopefully this workshop will help us to identify solutions” said a participant. That is true, the workshop aims to help the participant identify the individual, recognize the who is related to who, know and categorise the problem, develop an adaptive plan, implement the solution.

Several groupings have requested the Adaptive Leadership Workshop and preparation is underway to deliver this intensive leadership training to them.

WATCH: Dr. Andrina Thomas talks about the Adaptive Leadership Workshop.

WATCH: Doreen Talks About Her Adaptive Leadership Learning.

Photos: Right To Information Law Community Awareness –  Malekula Island  

Awareness session at Lakatoro Market House.

A Team from Transparency International Vanuatu was recently on the island of Malekula conducting community awareness’s on the Right To Information Law from the 2nd to the 9th of April 2017.

The trip to the island of Malekula was made possible through funding support from the Pacific Leadership Program (PLP).

These are a few of the photos from that activity. 

Photos taken on a phone camera.

Traveling by boat to inform people from the offshore islands of Malekula.

Mother and her baby at Lakatoro.

Citizens being informed.

Distributing RTI Posters.

Raising the Right To Information message at Lakatoro.

Putting up posters at Potovro, Malekula.

Informing whoever we come across.

Right To Information Law is ‘The Peoples Law’.

The people have the right to know.

Distributing posters and brochures along the roads.

Vendor at Lakatoro Market House getting informed.

Matanvat, North West Malekula

Rensarie College.

Informing students and teachers at Rensarie College.

TIV Continues Right To Information Law Awareness Law To Malekula Island 

A Transparency International Vanuatu Team is currently on the island of Malekula to conduct Right To Information Law (RTI) Awareness on the island.

Malekula will be the third island to receive Transparency International Vanuatu’s RTI Law Community Awareness Sessions after the islands of Tongoa and Tanna.

After Malekula the Team will travel to Luganville for a week of community and youth oriented awareness programs before moving to the nearby island of Ambae.

51% Of Erromango People Support RTI Bill

A TEAM FROM Transparency International Vanuatu recently visited and traveled around 2the island of Erromango to consult with the people and to gather their opinions on the Bill for the Right To Information Act which has been listed to be tabled next week during the 2nd Extraordinary Session of Parliament.

The team spoke to over 990 people and informed them on the contents of the Bill as well as how the Bill will impact their lives when it becomes law. A lot of questions were asked on the island about the Right To Information (RTI) Bill and the consultation team responded to their queries thoroughly.

1The community consultations on the island of Erromango were conducted from the 2nd to the 8th of November, and approximately fifty one percent (51%) of the population on the island were informed of the RTI Bill (Erromango Pop: 1,950 – According to 2009 National Census). The other forty nine percent (49%) of the population the team could not reach them due to their work commitments and timely constraints.


At the end of each consultation sessions each community what they would want their Member of Parliament (MP) to do when the RTI Bill was tabled in Parliament and a hundred percent (100%) of them agreed that their MP must vote in favor of the RTI Bill because that is what they want.

4The response is similar in all the islands that Transparency International Vanuatu has visited to conduct the RTI Bill community consultations; islands like Vanualava, Malekula, Santo, Ambrym, Pentecost, Ambae, Tanna, Efate Offshore Islands, and several more.

The ongoing RTI Bill community consultations are funded by the Pacific Leadership Program (PLP) who supports Transparency International Vanuatu’s work with the Government’s Right to Information (RTI) Unit to raise awareness and promote public interest in the RTI Policy and Bill. PLP’s support has enabled TIV to campaign in communities and schools and host public forums on the RTI Policy and Bill, using its strong networks in the provinces.

RTI Awareness To Be Conducted Around Pentecost Island

OFFICERS FROM TRANSPARENCY INTERNATIONAL VANUATU will be conducting several community awareness and consultation sessions on the Right To Information (RTI) Bill with several communities around the south of island of Pentecost from the 19th to the 24th of August.

This Pentecost RTI Awareness is the seventh of its kind to be conducted in Vanuatu in partnership with the Governments Right To Information Unit. The islands that have already been visited are the islands of Tanna, Malekula, Santo, Malo, Ambae, and Vanua Lava.

The team from Transparency International Vanuatu will be visiting communities beginning from the south of Pentecost then gradually moving up to the communities in the central part of the island before concluding the program in the north.

The Right To Information Policy was launched by the government in early 2014, thereby forming the basis for the Right To Information Bill to be developed. The RTI Bill was listed to be debated in Parliament in late 2014 but was withdrawn for further revisions, it was listed to be discussed during the First Ordinary Session of Parliament of 2016 but was again withdrawn.

While the officers are there community leaders who wish to have the RTI awareness conducted in their community can conduct Transparency International Vanuatu (Tel: 25715) to identify their locations so that the team can visit them to share information on the contents of the Right To Information Bill.



Serving For 35 years With No Salary, This Citizen Deserves Recognition.

IT IS STORIES like this that make you realize the true meaning of independence, and why we should have already delivered vital resources to the most remotest parts of Vanuatu;

“This is the first time for me to see the Constitution of Vanuatu” expressed an elder from Tseriviu community who has continued to run his Aid Post at Tseriviu in the Big Bay area of Santo since the early 80’s.

He not only saw the Vanuatu Constitution, but Transparency IMr. Thomas Palonternational Vanuatu (TIV) made sure that he went home with one. His name is Thomas Palo, and he is well over seventy years old but has continued to practice and put his medical skills into good use.

For the isolated communities of Big Bay on the island of Santo Thomas is more than just an ordinary villager, he is a live saver. Though he is clearly well over the retired age Thomas is still strong and continues to address his people’s medical needs.

“When I was still young I studied nursing at the PMH (Paton Memorial Hospital) at Iririki from 1955 to 1957” he recalled. “In 1957 I finished my studies and returned to Big Bay and served under the Presbyterian Church Mission here before I was transferred to go and work under the British Government” he says.

This Citizen Deserves A Medal

He served as a medical provider under the British Government for a good number of years up until the late seventies, “I finished working with British Government in 1977. And in 1981, a year after we achieved independence I started the Aid Post here at Big Bay. Since then, I have served now for 35 years at the Aid Post” he said with an accomplished look on his face.

“I started the Aid Post and I have worked from it until today” he explained. “I have no salary. If I vaccinate you now, you pay me a hundred vatu, and that is all I need. I get my medical supplies from the pharmacy at the Northern District Hospital in Luganville.”

At that point in the conversation another villager came in to confirm that Thomas does not receive any official wages, only the villagers supply him with necessary necessities, “to try and make up for his unpaid years of hard work” he added, “ and yet he continues to help all the people in the area of Big Bay.”


Transparency International Vanuatu officers met with Thomas after a Right To Information awareness session that was held at his community in late June 2016. His story is remarkable and shows true independency and a commitment to serve the nation against challenging odds.


As we move closer towards celebrating Vanuatu’s 36th Independence Anniversary we must also keep in mind that there are hundreds, or if not thousands, of citizens out there who have, and still are, serving the country in their own special ways like Mr. Thomas