TIV Completes 7 Adaptive Leadership Training’s For Efate & Offshore Island Chiefs

FOR THE LAST few months Transparency International Vanuatu (TIV) and the Pacific Leadership Program (PLP) had been working in partnership with the Executive of the Vaturisu Council of Chiefs to train chiefs around the island of Efate and its offshore islands on the Adaptive Leadership theory.

The Adaptive Leadership Training facilitators, Wilson Toa from TIV and Nelly Willy from PLP, collaborated with the Vaturisu Secretary General Chief Meameadola to organise the gathering of the chiefs throughout the area councils of chiefs on the island of Efate earlier this year.

Eventually, a one day training schedule was confirmed and the facilitating team began their preparation through to July before the training kick-started in early August.


Nguna & Pele Island Council of Chiefs at Adaptive Leadership Training

In his speech at Takara village Chief Meameadola mentioned that since its establishment in 1976 the Vaturisu Council of Chief had never participated in any leadership training that is as intense and applicable as the training on Adaptive Leadership.

“Some of our historical traditions cannot function properly nowadays due to the introduction of new ideas, knowledge, and actions. This training aims to assist us to adapt with this modern era” said Chief Meameadola the Secretary of the Efate Vaturisu Council of Chiefs.


Adaptive Leadership Training at Pangpang Village.

Overall, the Adaptive Leader training proves to be a needed tool for community leaders in order to perform effectively ‘outside the box’. The training was recommended by the chiefs to include as many chiefs as possible throughout Vanuatu.


Adaptive Leadership Training for Emau Island Council of Chiefs at Takara village.


WATCH:  Adaptive Leadership Workshop Interviews

WATCH: RTI Law Community Awareness On Ambae Island – 2:50 Minutes.

TRANSPARENCY INTERNATIONAL VANUATU recently visited the island of Ambae to inform the people there about the National Right To Information Law which which became an official in Vanuatu on 6 February 2017.

In some of the places that we visited the people were part of the consultation process and gratefully acknowledged the opportunity to have been involved in policy making.

This short 2:50 Minutes film briefly summaries a few interviews and shots of the walkabout.

This activity is funded by the Pacific Leadership Program.

WATCH: Short Interviews n RTI Law Community Awareness On Ambae Island

Photos: Right To Information Law Community Awareness –  Malekula Island  

Awareness session at Lakatoro Market House.

A Team from Transparency International Vanuatu was recently on the island of Malekula conducting community awareness’s on the Right To Information Law from the 2nd to the 9th of April 2017.

The trip to the island of Malekula was made possible through funding support from the Pacific Leadership Program (PLP).

These are a few of the photos from that activity. 

Photos taken on a phone camera.

Traveling by boat to inform people from the offshore islands of Malekula.

Mother and her baby at Lakatoro.

Citizens being informed.

Distributing RTI Posters.

Raising the Right To Information message at Lakatoro.

Putting up posters at Potovro, Malekula.

Informing whoever we come across.

Right To Information Law is ‘The Peoples Law’.

The people have the right to know.

Distributing posters and brochures along the roads.

Vendor at Lakatoro Market House getting informed.

Matanvat, North West Malekula

Rensarie College.

Informing students and teachers at Rensarie College.

RTI Law Awareness & Adaptive Leadership Training For Luganville Youth Council

TRANSPARENCY INTERNATIONAL VANUATU’S (TIV) Right To Information Law Community Awareness Program has moved on from Malekula to the island of Santo.

WATCH: Snapshot of Transparency International Vanuatu’s RTI Law Awareness – Malekula Island. 

This week the TIV Awareness Team has collaborated with the Ministry of Youth and Sports Development to deliver Civic Education, Anti-Corruption, and Right To Information Law information to the over 200 youth volunteers who helped out to deliver the National Games in 2016 hosted by Luganville City.

Furthermore, included in this partnership, an Adaptive Leadership Training was conducted for the Luganville Youth Council at the Sarakata Anglican Hall. This leadership empowerment tool was delivered by Wilson Toa of Transparency International Vanuatu (TIV) and Nelly Willie of the Pacific Leadership Program (PLP).


The purpose of the Adaptive Leadership Training for the Chiefs of Vaturisu Chiefs was to:

1. Provide participants with an understanding of Adaptive Leadership as a practice of mobilizing people to tackle difficult situations and thrive.

2. Provide a learning space for reflection and re-strategizing.

3. Adaptive Leadership is a practice of mobilizing people to tackle tough challenges and thrive. It is specifically about positive change.


This ongoing awareness program began on the island of Tongoa early this year and will continue until the end of April.

These Right To Information Law Community Awareness Sessions were made possible through funding support from the Pacific Leadership Program based in Fiji.


WATCH: Interview: Deputy Principal of Rensarie College – Malekula Island 

TIV Continues Right To Information Law Awareness Law To Malekula Island 

A Transparency International Vanuatu Team is currently on the island of Malekula to conduct Right To Information Law (RTI) Awareness on the island.

Malekula will be the third island to receive Transparency International Vanuatu’s RTI Law Community Awareness Sessions after the islands of Tongoa and Tanna.

After Malekula the Team will travel to Luganville for a week of community and youth oriented awareness programs before moving to the nearby island of Ambae.

Vaturisu Chiefs Are Positive On Adaptive Leadership Training

MEMBERS OF THE Efate Vaturisu Council of Chiefs attended an intensive training  on Adaptive Leadership that was facilitated by Transparency International Vanuatu (TIV) and the Pacific Leadership Program (PLP) this month in Port Vila.

On a positive note several of the participating chiefs described the training as ‘very intensive’ and that participating in the training felt like being ‘counselled’.

9 Members of Vaturisu Council of Chiefs of the island of Efate were attended the training, this is second training that involves chiefs,  the first one was conducted with the Tanna Island Nikoletan Council of Chiefs.

The purpose of the Adaptive Leadership Training for the Chiefs of Vaturisu Chiefs was to :

1. Provide participants with an understanding of Adaptive Leadership as a practice of mobilizing people to tackle difficult situations and thrive;

2. Provide a learning space for reflection and re-strategizing;
Adaptive Leadership is a practice of mobilizing people to tackle tough challenges and thrive. It is specifically about positive change.


Vaturisu Council of Chiefs

The training took place on the 16th of February and was funded by the Pacific Leadership Program.


TIV Presents Experiences At Samoan Integrity Workshop

TRANSPARENCY INTERNATIONAL VANUATU (TIV) had the opportunity to participate in a two day Integrity Validation Workshop for Senior Samoan Government Official organized by the Samoa Government, UNODC and UNDP from the 9-10 November 2016.

The workshop is about helping Samoan Government Officials understand the UNCAC Convention and hopefully get the Samoan Government to ratify the UNCAC Convention in the near future. So far 11 Pacific Island States are parties to UNCAC. The countries are; PNG, Fiji, Palau, Vanuatu, Cook Islands, Marshall Islands, Micronesia, Nauru, Kiribati and Tuvalu. Vanuatu is the 4th Pacific Island States to ratify UNCAC.

TIV presented the work we are doing around awareness on the Right to Information in Vanuatu as an example for the region where a CSO is working in partnership with a Government Institution (RTI Unit) in promoting a Government Policy that supports integrity, accountability and transparency in Vanuatu.


TIV Program Manager, Mr. Wilson Toa – Presentation at the Integrity Workshop for Samoan Government Officials.

This is the third presentation for TIV to do in the Pacific region. In July TIV had the opportunity to present the RTI awareness work with regional institutions in Fiji organized by the Pacific Leadership Program, and in August, TIV again presented the RTI awareness work at a CSO regional workshop in Fiji organize by the South Pacific Island Forum.

TIV is excited about our work on the RTI being recognize regionally especially by regional bodies such as the Pacific Island Forum and the UNDP.

TIV and the Vanuatu Governments RTI Unit carried out awareness in all province especially in the islands of Vanua Lava, Santo, Malekula, Ambae, Pentecost, Ambrym, Efate Outer Islands, Schools in North Efate, Tanna and last week in Erromanga. Next month TIV and RTI will carry out awareness work in the Sherperd Islands.

This RTI campaign tours are funded by the Pacific Leadership Program (PLP) who supports Transparency International Vanuatu’s work with the Government’s Right to Information (RTI) Unit to raise awareness and promote public interest in the RTI Policy and Bill. PLP’s support has enabled TIV to campaign in communities and schools and host public forums on the RTI Policy and Bill, using its strong networks in the provinces.

This process has built the public’s knowledge and understanding of the principles of good leadership and the importance of government transparency and given the RTI Unit insights into how the Policy can be effectively implemented.

The Pacific Leadership Program (PLP) is a regional initiative of the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade that recognises the pivotal role of leadership in development. PLP builds, applies and shares knowledge on developmental leadership (i.e. individuals, organisations and other stakeholders working together on inclusive policy and institutional change for the public good).


Transparency International Vanuatu To Keep Only ‘Skeleton’ Staff

THE TRANSPARENCY INTERNATIONAL VANUATU Board of Directors will, unfortunately, have to let go of the few staff that have remained ever since the organisation begun facing funding cuts early this year 2016, only staff members that work to disburse information and establish external relations will remain in the office for a few more months.

As of Wednesday the 27th of July 2016 Transparency International Vanuatu will have limited staff in the office after almost fifteen years of extensive networking, advocacy, lobbying, researching and reporting on corruption.

This means that as of Wednesday next week the widely implemented Civic Education Program will cease to be conducted in the outer islands except the island of Efate.


Regrettably, the distribution program of Free Bislama Vanuatu Constitution Books will have to stop on Tuesday the 26th of July, 2016.

Fortunately, all radio shows that broadcast opinions and discussions by Transparency International Vanuatu will continue including the weekly articles on the Transparency Page that is published every Friday in the Vanuatu Daily Post. This also includes the blogsite www.tivnews.wordpress and facebook, YouTube and twitter accounts that has gained over four thousand followers.

In light of this, the Chairperson of Transparency International Vanuatu Dr. Willie Tokon, on behalf of the Board of Directors as well as the staff, would like to offer a grateful and heartfelt acknowledgment to the Vanuatu Daily Post for continuing to be a very supportive media partner.

Further acknowledgement goes to Radio Vanuatu, to Capitol FM 107 and 96 Buzz FM and the Media Association of Vanuatu. Transparency International Vanuatu has always utilized the media in its efforts to advocate against corruption and to deliver to the people the necessary information that they need in order that they can make the right decisions.

Also, acknowledgements also go to VANGO, the NGO, and the Civil Society community and also to the Government of Vanuatu and the numerous people that have interacted with TIV. Transparency International Vanuatu also appreciates the work that former the Board of Directors including the former staff have invested in the organisation.

“Despite this unfortunate turn of events we have not lost hope yet, we believe that we will continue to fully operate again, maybe soon, maybe later, only God knows,” Dr. Tokon

IMG_6978 (2)

Dr. Willie Tokon

says. “We have witnessed our hard work throughout the islands of Vanuatu take foothold in many lives” explained Dr. Tokon. He further added that “we have seen how much citizens appreciate the free services that we provided them, it is therefore sad that we will have to stop those services.”

“However, the organisation will continue to operate for a few more months but it will be very limited to project based activities. But until then, we would like to let all our partners and the public know that the office will function in a very limited capacity until a further notice is made to announce future operations,” concluded Dr. Tokon.

Transparency International Vanuatu’s Advocacy and Legal Advice Centre (ALAC), a TIV project that provides free legal service, had already closed down in March 2016.